Major Bantam Boys Win Bronze at Provincials!

The East York Major Bantam Boys U14 team brought home the Bronze Medal in their Division at the Ontario Basketball Association Provincial Championships, which took place April 20-22, 2018. The tournament was a worthy celebration of the effort and commitment that the athletes put in starting way back in September, 2017! After many months of work, and a total of 41 games played, the boys really earned this medal. The coaching staff is very proud of our athletes for this terrific achievement!

Back Row: Enoch, Coach Vava, Guerby, James, Justin, Kalen, Coach Nick, Michael H, Coach Kari

Front Row: Nicholas, Cole, Joseph, Michael M, Matthew, Dylan, Malcolm


Tournament Summary:

The competition started on Friday, April 20th with a big win over the Basketball World Toronto Rebels: 80-50! The team really came together and worked as a cohesive unit starting on the defensive end, which translated to success on offense. Every single player made a contribution and, in a unique outcome, every single player scored!

On Saturday, April 21st the boys faced two very tough opponents. In the first game against Thornhill Thunder – Mike the boys were tested by a very tenacious and fast team that seemingly would not be denied from behind the three point line and one that pressured the ball in the half court relentlessly. After a tie through 3 quarters Thornhill pulled ahead and won the game 57-48.

Also on Saturday, April 21st, the team faced the Caledon Cougars and, once more, a terrific and competitive game ensued. after racing out to a 8-2 lead early in the game and forcing an opponent’s time out, the boys found themselves once again in a tie through 3 quarters. The relentless pressure from Calendon again proved to be the difference and East York ended up on the losing end of a 67-53 score.

However, sitting on a 1-2 record after pool play did not immediately relegate East York out of medal contention. When the Rebels scored an upset victory over Thornhill in the last game on Saturday, East York was through to the Bronze Medal game based on a three way tie break due to point differential. That 30 point win on Friday evening proved to be very important indeed!

On Sunday, April 22nd the team faced Gloucester-Cumberland Wolverines, who also made it through to the game after a three way tie with a 1-2 record in Pool A! This time the boys were not to be denied and played another complete game where every single player contributed on both ends of the floor, and my cheering and supporting teammates from the bench, for a worthy finish to the season with a 59-47 victory!

Congratulations to the athletes and thank you to the parents who cheered vociferously throughout the weekend, to the detriment of their vocal chords. It was worth the effort! A big thank you to everyone from Coaches Vava, Nick and Kari for your support throughout the entire season. Special thanks also to Coaches Jeff and Mark for stepping in to help in the absence of Coach Vava while he recovered from an unexpected mid-season injury.

Major Bantam Boys U14 March Madness Fundraiser!

The Major Bantam Boys U14 team is hosting a fundraiser that is most definitely aimed at basketball fans. It’s March Madness time and this is your chance to get in on the action and help the team with expenses. Half the funds collected goes to the winner, the other half goes directly to the team.

For information on this wonderful opportunity to help the boys of the Major Bantam team out contact Coach Leo Bishop at bishopl


Simply pick the teams you think will reach the Elite 8, the Final 4, the Final and the Champion! Each entry costs just $5!

Major Bantam Boys March Madness Fundraiser

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