East York Basketball Club Privacy Notice


We collect only the minimum personal information required to administer the program at East York Basketball and includes only the information collected on the registration form and photographs taken during programming.


We only retain personal information collected on the registration form for two years (current season plus one calendar year).


Personal information, such as the athlete’s name, date of birth, and gender, are shared with the (i) Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) as per our membership requirements; (ii) our insurers, providing liability insurance to the Club and its members; and (iii) The Basketball Academy, an affiliate providing additional basketball training (thebasketballacademy.com).

Your email is also shared with The Basketball Academy, which provides basketball programming beyond that which EYBC can provide, and is owned and operated by Justin Holmes, a member of the EYBC Board of Directors and a Coach with EYBC.


Should you wish for any of your information to not be shared, as noted above, please advise the EYBC, in writing, bearing in mind that this may prohibit EYBC from offering its services, in whole or in part. Photographs taken may be used on the EYBC website, however you may request at the time that any photographs are being taken to not have your or your child’s image captured. You may also request to have any photograph bearing the image of you or your child that may be published on the EYBC website to be removed. These requests will be complied with in a reasonable and expeditious manner.


At any time, you have the opportunity to request a copy of your personal information to ensure it is accurate.


Should you have any questions about the collection, use, and retention of your personal information please contact East York Basketball Club, P.O. Box 99564, 1095 O’Connor Drive, East York, Ontario, M4B 2T1, or by email at info